Saturday, April 13, 2013

Battles of Fort Bisland and Irish Bend

In Louisiana, Union general Nathaniel P. Banks was preparing to attack Port Hudson on the Mississippi River. But, before he did so he needed to drive back 5,000 Confederates on his flank who were under the command of Richard Taylor, who had fought under Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley. Banks undertook this in what is called the Bayou Teche Campaign. Banks moved with two divisions to attack Taylor’s force at Fort Bisland, while Brigadier General Cuvier Grover embarked in boats to sail across Grand Lake and land on Taylor’s flank.
Richard Taylor

Taylor would spend April 13, 150 years ago today, fighting off Bank’s forces to his front. Then, realizing he was nearly trapped, he would pull out during the night. He would fight another battle the next day, this time against Grover. While his trains were pulling out he held on in the Battle of Irish Bend. His trains having pulled back, Taylor successfully made his escape. Grover lost 353 men. Taylor’s casualties were less, but not known with certainty.


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Hi! The top photo is labeled "Burnside" but I know you meant "Banks".

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