Thursday, October 18, 2012

Morgan captures Lexington, Kentucky

John Hunt Morgan
 Although the Battle of Perryville was a tactical victory for the Confederates, Gen. Braxton Bragg refused to follow up on it. Ignoring the protests of subordinates like Kirby Smith, he ordered the army to fall back to Tennessee through Cumberland Gap. Confederate cavalry under John Hunt Morgan fought hard to cover his retreat and gain whatever success they could.

On the morning of October 18th, 150 years ago today, Morgan got word that there were Federals camped around Ashland, the estate of the great politician Henry Clay. He was able to completely surprise the Federals, 300 men of the 3rd and 4th Ohio, catching them asleep with his 1,800 men. The battle was over within 15 minutes, with four Union troops killed, 24 wounded and 290 captured. The Confederate success was complete, suffering few casualties themselves.


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