Friday, September 14, 2012

Grant Moves on Iuka

After Halleck had been promoted to general in chief of the Union armies and Grant had replaced in command of the Union army in Corinth, Mississippi, Grant had done little more than protect his supply lines. The Confederates, however, were going on the offensive. There were two armies in the area. In conjunction with Bragg's invasion of Kentucky Sterling Price's Army of the West was moving toward Nashville, and Earl Van Dorn with the Army of West Tennessee was moving to join him.
Sterling Price

150 years ago today the Union commander in Iuka, Missisippi, southeast of Corinth, pulled his brigade back, setting the supplies on fire. Price's troops moved in, putting out the flames and saving most of the supplies. His plan was to wait there until he was joined by Van Dorn, and then move on Grant's supply lines. Grant however, would not wait patiently. He saw an opportunity in the division of the Confederate forces. He planned to converge on Price in Iuka before Van Dorn could join him, with two columns attacking both north and south.


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