Saturday, July 23, 2011

The North Responds to the Defeat

Left, Gen. Irvin McDowell, Right, Gen. George B. McClellan
The North's response was immediate with the defeat of their army at the Battle of Bull Run. George B. McClellan was appointed commander of the defeated army. He was one of the North's only heroes, even though he had only won a few small battles in West Virginia. McDowell was not completely removed from, but he commanded only one Corp of the Army of the Potomac. He was later blamed for the disaster at Second Bull Run, and subsequently was removed from active military command.

With the defeat of the army, Lincoln and the government realized that this war would not be over as quickly as they had thought. They were not able to decimate the Southern army with the first push, and they were not willing to let the South peacefully secede. The three month enlistments of the troops would expire soon, so Congress passed a bill allowing 1 million men to be raised and formed into an army with 1 year enlistments.


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