Friday, January 27, 2012

Lincoln Issues a War Order

After his inability to get McClellan to attack the Confederate forces in Virginia, Lincoln resorted to issuing his "General War Order No. 1" 150 years ago today in an attempt to get him to move. He ordered all Union troops to move upon the South on February 22nd, George Washington's birthday. The complete order said this:
Ordered, That the 22d day of February, 1862, be the day for a general movement of the land and naval forces of the United States against the insurgent forces; that especially the army at and about Fortress Monroe. the Army of the Potomac, the Army of Western Virginia, the army near Munfordville, Ky., the army and flotilla at Cairo, and a naval force in the Gulf of Mexico be ready to move on that day.

That all other forces, both land and naval, with their respective commanders, obey existing orders for the time and be ready to obey additional orders when duly given.

That the heads of Departments, and especially the Secretaries of War and of the Navy, with all their subordinates, and the General in Chief, with all other commanders and subordinates of land and naval forces, will severally be held to their strict and full responsibilities for prompt execution of this order.



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