Monday, January 9, 2012

Admiral Farragut Appointed

One hundred fifty years ago today Admiral David Farragut was appointed to command a force to capture New Orleans, Louisiana. Farragut was born in 1801 in Tennessee, and was named James by his parents. At the age of 7 he was adopted by Commodore David Porter, and his name was changed to David. At the age of 9 he entered the navy as a midshipman, and by twelve he captained a ship back to port which had been captured during the war of 1812. On the way back to port he quelled a mutiny among the crew. By the time of the Civil War he had attained the rank of captain. He did not resign to follow his native state, he remained with the Union he had served all his life. Some doubted his loyalty since he had spent years in the South and his wife was from Norfolk, VA, so he was placed on the retirement board. But through the influence of his brother, Admiral David Porter, he was appointed to command an expedition to capture New Orleans 150 years ago today.


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